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Ladson Construction is proud to partner with industry leaders to bring you information from the experts. 

“The construction industry is constantly evolving to adapt new codes and protocols that support the growth and change the industry incurs. We are proud to partner with Codes-ABC to educate our network on how new projects may be affected by the 7th Edition Florida Building Codes.” – Jessie Ladson, President

What you need to know:

  • Required Inspections now include in-progress inspections of exterior wall and soffits.
  • Occupied Roofs now has criteria for heights and areas of buildings with occupied spaces.
  • Minimum Distance of Projections for Fire Separation has been revised.
  • Attics now have specific protection when using an NFPA 13R system.
  • Gas Detection Systems are now handled under one section to improve enforceability.
  • Ultimate Design Wind Speed now has a designated map to specific risk category IV buildings.
  • Business Occupancy Load Factor has changed to 150 gross square feet per occupant.

If you have any questions about the new building code and how it effects your project, reach out to us. For permit expediting and building code compliance review, reach out to the team at Codes-ABC at