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The new LifeStance Health office provides a wide variety of services to the community as a “national leader in mental, behavioral, and emotional wellness.” The office is located at 9995 Gate Parkway in Jacksonville, FL. With a modern take on retro décor, the office uses a colorful palate that compliments various wood tones throughout the space. Abstract art and various textures add to the uniqueness of the design.

LifeStance Entryway

With a office-wide speaker system that fills the space with calming white noise, the ambiance of the space provides a re-affirming calm environment that is favorable in the mental healthcare. The inviting lobby area includes a self-serve coffee bar, comfortable seating, and accessible communication with the LifeStance Health staff.

With the nature of the business, additional privacy measures were required for the mental health center. This includes sound proofed rooms with noise-blocking doors, as well as telehealth offices to keep up with the current trend of online healthcare.

In addition to private offices, there are group and activity rooms with larger seating areas to host larger meetings and sessions for clients and employees alike.

Due to the location of the space on the first floor of the ARETI Building, subcontractors and crews had to use caution when bringing in equipment and materials to prevent disruption other tenants in the area along with construction along Gate Parkway.

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